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Open Italian Shop of clothes and footwear in Hong Kong

Segment of the luxury market demonstrates growth trend confidently in Hong Kong and China for several years. Perhaps it’s time to think about the organization of a successful selling business of clothes and shoes from famous Italian fashion designers. If you are still unsure about the advisability of such an event, we will bring simple logical reasoning and statistical facts.

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 22: People visit Mipap, international presentation of women's pret-a-porter and accessories on FEBRUARY 22, 2014 in Milan.

The fashion retail business is stable and profitable

The first conclusion: regardless of the state of the world economy, be it a crisis or a period of rise, people do not stop buying clothes. It’s quite natural, that people like to look nice and modern. Tasting the best, man hardly took a step back. Moreover, the main target audience, on which luxury clothing and footwear are oriented, continues to follow their consumer habits in any financial situation. For this category of people, fashion clothing is primarily preserving the status.


Among other things, numbers say about the benefit of fashion retail companies. For example, according to experts’ forecasts of fund Altagamma, the volume of the world fashion and luxury goods market increased by 5% in the end of 2014 compared with the previous year, it was about 223 billion Euros. Such growth can be expected in this year too. These statistics also say that the company, involved in the production of luxury goods, will finish the year with higher rates than those, which focus on the middle segment or mass market. ROI in the brands, which produce clothes and accessories, will be 20.8% against 15.2% in the mid-range brands. The luxury products selling will increase for the current year by 18.1% against 8 5% of the medium segment. ROI of manufacturers of luxury leather goods will be 22.2% at the end of the year, and sales growth will be 5%.

Consequently, opening shop of Italian clothes or shoes in Hong Kong, China, you can be sure that it is quite stable and profitable business.

The process of opening a brand boutique and its subsequent promotion is not an easy task. However KOVALSKY Fashion Marketing knows how to turn it into a few simple steps.

Of course, the first needed thing is to be in one’s element with fashion retail. This means that market research, competitive environment analysis and tracking of fashion trends must become a daily work. Second step is the availability of capital and well-formed business strategy. And final step is competent management, multiplied by the patience and the focus on results.

Specialists of the KOVALSKY Fashion Marketing will help you to organize a business by a number of related services:


  • Market research;
  • Formation of concepts and business strategy;
  • Naming and corporate identity development;
  • Modeling of effective organizational structure;
  • Selection of premises, the organization of space and store design;
  • Advising on the selection of brands, considering characteristics of the market and your business model;
  • Access to the Italian luxury brands of clothing and footwear;
  • Organization of wholesale purchases and deliveries of goods;
  • Structuring of assortment and planning of collections;
  • The development of an optimal promotion set for your store;
  • Staff recruitment and training;
  • The organization of presentations and other special events.