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Shoes from Italy

01bf6c1e949782dd4533cff7d3b3067e10106eac1eItalian shoes are a synthesis of the highest quality, original design and amazing convenience. Words «made in Italy», engraved on the sole, is a guarantee that your favorite pair of shoes will serve you faithfully for many years.

The fate of Italy was predetermined as if originally by someone over, and with time it was destined to become the center of footwear production. Even land outlines of this country have the shape of a boot.

The history of shoe has its roots in antiquity, in the time of ancient Rome. The Romans found the idea to sew shoes individually for the right and left feet, which of course much more convenient then unified pair. Even then, inhabitants of Rome thought not only about utilitarian benefits of the shoe, but also about its decorative component. In those days, they started to decorate shoes with various metal beads and gemstones. Then shoes have become an indicator of the person status.


At the beginning of the XX century, Italy was the first European country to the commencement of commercial production of footwear. Subsequently, it was able to conquer not only the market all over Europe, but also America and Asia. Now any fashion-monger must have the shoes of Italian production.

Photo3-3-300x225Italian shoe masters differ from others by love for meticulous detailing, the ability to fabricate the skin and refined taste. Currently, Italy is one of the leading manufacturers of shoes along with Brazil, Spain, Hong Kong and China. Despite the fact that this country does not belong to the world championship in this industry, its products have quality of tailoring, refined style and special incomparable glamor. Today an Italian shoe is considered as the most prestigious, which is why it is a standard all around the world.

Tellingly, the Italians cherish the tradition of shoe skill, passing them from generation to generation. Most of Italian shoes are made by hand in small family factories until now.

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