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Our services

KOVALSKY is here to take care of all the fashion retail tasks for you. Just trust our well experienced  team to handle your business in Italy in most efficient and professinal manner.


The following are the highlights of wide-range of fashion buying and consulting services by KOVALSKY:

small-K-4-WEB   Assistance in opening a store
small-K-4-WEB   Getting access to the wide list of Italy’s top fashion brands
small-K-4-WEB   Brands and stock selection for your store
small-K-4-WEB   Whole-sale purchase of clothing and shoes in Milan’s up-scale showrooms
small-K-4-WEB   Visiting Italy’s most prominent fashion trade-shows
small-K-4-WEB   Supplying stock directly from manufacturers
small-K-4-WEB   Full contract assistance
small-K-4-WEB   Legal and administrative support
small-K-4-WEB   Translation services
small-K-4-WEB   Logistic support
small-K-4-WEB   Developing corporate identity for your fashion-retail business
small-K-4-WEB   Selection and supply of special equipment from Italy

small-K-4-WEB   Assistance in promoting your store
small-K-4-WEB   Organization of Italian Merchandise specialists’ visit to your store
small-K-4-WEB   Organizition of thematic workshops and training programs for your personnel
small-K-4-WEB   HR management assistance
small-K-4-WEB   Internships for your staff members in one of our successful project sites
small-K-4-WEB   Design and implementation of special PR and Marketing projects
small-K-4-WEB   Assortment Renewal
small-K-4-WEB   Brand Management
small-K-4-WEB   Special training and internship programs within famous Italian fashion houses and showrooms
small-K-4-WEB   Consulting on wide range of fashion retail issues
small-K-4-WEB   Efficient Customer Service

small-K-4-WEB   Arrangement of business-trips to Italy
small-K-4-WEB   Travel and Visa support
small-K-4-WEB   Transport and accommodation in Italy