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Short guide to Pitti Uomo

We have collected key information for those who want to understand Pitti Uomo trade show and what it really is.

Pitti Uomo is an event that deserved the status of the leading event in the field of men’s fashion.

Pitti Immagine, an organization dedicated to holding a series of trade exhibitions in the field of fashion, perfumery and even gastronomy, gets its name from the palace in Florence called Palazzo Pitti, the place where the Italian clothes salon was first established.


Pitti Uomo 91_ la manifestazione - 048

The exhibition, which since the beginnings of its history (and its history could be traced back more than 45 years!) was designed to show the world the achievements of the Italian light industry and it has gained international recognition thanks to the participation of famous couturiers, among which you can see Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

As well as half a century ago, Pitti Uomo is still held in Florence twice a year (in winter and summer) in historic and significant locations, but the event has ceased to be purely demonstrative, but it has become a progressive platform for the cooperation among fashion experts. In the modern concept, the phrase «Pitti Uomo» is also inseparable from the center for gatherings of the most stylish men of the planet. This, perhaps, is a truly paradise for style photographers … and girls who have weaknesses for nicely dressed guys.

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The number of the exhibition visitors grows from season to season; and this is considering that Pitti Uomo is a private trade show of the B2B-format. Over the past few sessions, the exhibition was attended by over 1200 exhibitors and more than 24 thousand buyers from hundreds of countries.

Today Pitti Uomo is a must-attend event for all those who are directly related to the world of men’s fashion and want to be aware of the latest fashion trends.

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Visiting Pitti Uomo gives you an opportunity to:

  • get acquainted with the market;
  • widen your network of contacts;
  • conclude attractive deals by pre-ordering new collections of clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • and, finally, get aesthetic enjoyment from the perfect organization of the event.

By the way, the upcoming 92nd season of Pitti Uomo will be held from the 13th to 16th of June 2017. If you want to get an unforgettable experience from visiting to the exhibition and would like to know more about travel arrangements to Pitti, please, contact the Kovalsky Fashion Marketing office: ? IT +39 028 998 1839 | RU +7 499 403 1330 | UA +38 044 451 5839 | KZ +7 727 350 5423 | ✉